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Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee
Try Everything Risk Free
Try Everything Risk Free
Our Quality
Our Quality

The Idea Behind Guaranteed For Life


I’m rougher on my headphones than most people. I like to use them at the gym, while I drive, between classes, while working around the house, and before I go to bed at night. With the amount of usage my headphones were getting it was no wonder that I was going through a pair a month, if not more. For a while I had just accepted that I was going to have to spend $20 a month for an average pair of headphones since they were so crucial to my daily routine. I tried using warranties on the headphones but it was such a hassle, sending in the damaged units, getting approval or having to explain what happened.  Even then, sometimes I would lose the paper or the company would stop making the model for my warranty.

Then I had an idea. What if there was a warranty I could use and reuse for replacing my headphones. My first thought was that somebody else had already thought of it so I did some searching and as it turns out there was no company offering a reasonable reusable warranty. Well if I was looking for a reusable warranty then there must be tons of other people are interested in the same thing. This led me to explore headphones and wonder if this type of a warranty was possible and how much they actually cost to make. Our family’s company has been importing for years so I was able to find out very quickly I could get headphones that were almost identical to the ones that sold in stores for between $20 and $100 that would work with my idea. I was amazed at the margin the big brands were making on their headphones, even taking shipping, packaging, and the money the retail stores make on the headphones, their prices were still outrageous.

So I thought how hard could it be to start my own business? The answer was very hard. But now it is over a year later and Guaranteed for Life is up and running. The company was built on the idea that you buy a product once and have replacements for life for only what it costs us to make and ship it to you.

If you want more information on the replacement process check out Our Guarantee page detailing exactly how fast and easy it is.

A Simple Guarantee


The main idea when creating Guaranteed for Life was simplicity, that ordering replacements should be as easy as possible. Some places will offer a mail in rebate in which you have to go through the hassle of filling out a form and sending it in the mail. Our goal is to cut out all of…

The Truth About Brands


One of the most important factors in choosing a pair of headphones is the quality. There are tons of companies out there claiming to be making premium headphones but to really get a feel for them you need to hear them and try them on to see how they fit. Simply by listening to them,…

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